Tuesday, February 11, 2020

FEDEX (1) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

FEDEX (1) - Essay Example Due to this expansion, the companies under this corporation have dominated information and the transport industry globally. However, the able leadership and management have fuelled this since its inception (Gilbert, 2012). The corporation specializes in offering transport and logistics services globally. It ensures delivery of all parcels and services all over the world. When it comes to its market segmentation, the corporation mainly majors with all businesses that require their courier services. For example, different embassies representing different countries all over the world require their services. Mostly, it mainly transports their stationery, eBay among other office supplies (FedEx, 2013). The corporation’s target market globally is the business people or companies who require their packages to arrive at the next destination within 24 hours. With its cargo fleets, the corporation has always satisfied the needs of their clients in a competitive global market. The corporation offers different services globally. Firstly, its FedEx express service ensures that the package arrives at its expected destination within 24 hours. This is an international service where the corporation uses it fleet of aircrafts or freights from other airlines, which offer delivery services all over the world. Secondly, the corporation offers FedEx ground (FedEx, 2013). This is a less expensive service that ensures same day delivery of different packages in Canada and the US. To deliver this, the corporation uses it trucks, which are owned by different operators within different states. Therefore, the company partners with them to ensure delivery of services to their high esteem clients in the country. Most of these partners are independent contractors who specialize in different routes and territories within the country. The corporation also offers home delivery services in the country. This service is normally

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